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Age discrimination can manifest itself in a variety of ways. An older worker might not be invited to meetings, might suffer from harassment, could receive unfairly negative performance reviews, not get the training they deserve, get paid less, or be fired or laid off due to their age. All of these are instances of discrimination. If you were fired or demoted by your employer due to your age, an age discrimination attorney in Alhambra CA can help. For a legal consultation, call PLBH at (800) 435-7542.

There Are a Number of Ways You Can Expect Help from an Age Discrimination Attorney in Alhambra CA

Once you contact us, we will start helping you right away. We will make sure that your proof is properly documented if you are still employed by the company that discriminated against you. A company is only able to prevent or stop behavior they are aware of. Because of this, the choice to resolve the problem should be provided to the employer.

The employer frequently fails to honor its duty to take prompt corrective action. The employer puts itself at higher risk by doing this. An age discrimination attorney in Alhambra CA will walk you through your legal choices and examine all of the facts to help you make a compelling argument. You have rights as an employee, and you do not deserve to be mistreated because of your age.

An Age Discrimination Attorney in Alhambra CA Explains: What is Age Discrimination?

Age discrimination, put simply, is when a company treats a worker over the age of 40 unfairly or otherwise disproportionally from its younger workers. Age discrimination can occur in any situation where an employer weighs your physical age or years of experience against you. This could happen while you’re working at your job or applying for jobs.

Working with an Age Discrimination Attorney in Alhambra CA

In order to succeed with your age discrimination lawsuit in California, we must be able to demonstrate that your age was a factor in a negative employment decision. Evidence for your claim can include age-related comments made to you, such as “Are you ever going to retire?” or “We need younger folks in here.”

Adverse employment actions can take many different forms, such as being fired, not getting promoted, getting demoted, getting paid less or not getting paid equally, being denied a promotion, or being forced to retire. Your age discrimination attorney in Alhambra CA will look to see if you were replaced by a younger employee, which is often evidence used to prove discrimination. Your attorney will also look into the history of your company, as well as court filings, to see if there is a pattern of age discrimination.

Make sure you submit any complaints in writing, that the complaints are thorough, and that everything is sent to your HR department so that your employer is immediately made aware of your complaint in order to support your case.

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If you believe that you have experienced age discrimination, you should speak with an age discrimination attorney in Alhambra CA. Contact PLBH at (800) 435-7542 to learn more about how we can help you sue for lost wages and future earnings, damages due to pain and suffering, and attorney’s fees.