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A person might experience age discrimination in many different ways. Older workers may be left out of meetings, be the subject of jokes or harassment, receive poor performance reviews, not receive adequate training, receive less pay, and ultimately be fired or laid off. These are all examples of discrimination. If you were fired or demoted by your employer due to your age, an age discrimination attorney in Bell CA can help. If you have been the victim of age discrimination, contact PLBH at (800) 435-7542 for a legal consultation.

There Are Many Ways an Age Discrimination Attorney in Bell CA Can Help

You need to get in touch with us first so we can start working for you. We will make sure that all of the illegal behavior has been accurately documented if you are still employed. A company is only able to prevent or stop behavior they are aware of. Therefore, it is important that the employer is given an opportunity to resolve the issues.

All too often, the employer does not take the appropriate and corrective action when they discover the behavior. The result? They face even greater liability. You may rely on an age discrimination attorney in Bell CA to guide you through the entire procedure and address all of your concerns. You have rights as an employee, and you do not deserve to be mistreated because of your age.

An Age Discrimination Attorney in Bell CA Explains: What is Age Discrimination?

In simple terms, age discrimination is when an employer treats an employee over the age of 40 unfairly and/or differently than it treats its younger employees. There are many actions an employer can take that constitute discrimination – essentially any action that holds your age or experience against you. This may occur when you are working at your job or while you are applying for jobs.

An Age Discrimination Attorney in Bell CA Can Help You Prove Your Case

In California, in order for an employee to win must an age discrimination claim, they must show that their age was the factor in an adverse employment action. Often times evidence of age discrimination comes from age-related comments like “You’re old, when are you going to retire,” or “We need new blood.”

There are many examples of adverse employment actions: wrongful termination, not being promoted, being demoted, getting less pay than younger workers, or being forced into retirement. Your age discrimination attorney in Bell CA will look to see if you were replaced by a younger employee, which is often evidence used to prove discrimination. In order to determine whether the employer has a history of discriminating against older workers, your attorney will review the company’s past and court documents.

It is crucial for the employee to keep track of every unfair treatment, put detailed complaints in writing, and give all relevant information to human resources in case the employer looks into your age discrimination accusations.

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Contact an age discrimination attorney in Bell CA if you think you were the victim of discrimination. Contact PLBH at (800) 435-7542 to learn more about how we can help you sue for lost wages and future earnings, damages due to pain and suffering, and attorney’s fees.