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Don’t Settle for Less: Hire a Top-Notch Discrimination Attorney in Canoga Park CA

Over 200 years ago, the founding fathers identified equality as a core value of our nation in the Declaration of Independence. While this was a beautiful idea, in practice few men—and no women—were actually treated as equals at that time. Over the years, many long civil rights battles brought progress and American workers now have strong guarantees of equal treatment in the workplace regardless of their race, nationality, sex, age, disability, or religion.

Nonetheless, given the incremental way in which different civil rights laws were established, we’re currently faced with a perplexing labyrinth of intricate rules and standards pertaining to workplace discrimination. The situation is further complicated by California’s more comprehensive set of anti-discrimination laws, which apply to more employers and protect additional characteristics.

Rest assured, you don’t need to delve into all the legal nuances yourself to assert your right to equality at your workplace. You can lean on a knowledgeable  discrimination attorney  in Canoga Park CA to fortify your rights. Reach out to PLBH at (800) 435-7542 for a cost-free legal consultation.

Engage with a Discrimination Attorney in Canoga Park CA Proficient in Handling an Array of Discrimination Cases

We’ll help determine whether your grievance is best handled under federal law or California law, delivering steadfast representation and guidance throughout the process. Some of the case categories we can assist with include:

  • Sex and Gender Discrimination
  • Race Discrimination
  • Sexual Orientation, Identity, or Expression Discrimination
  • Age Discrimination
  • Disability Discrimination
  • Pregnancy Discrimination
  • Reverse Discrimination
  • Ethnic Discrimination
  • Religious Discrimination

Do You Have a Legitimate Discrimination Complaint? Here’s How to Know

Should you suspect you’re facing discrimination at work, pose this question to yourself: Is my employer governed by these laws? Companies with a minimum of five employees come under anti-discrimination laws in California. Think about whether your employer treats you differently due to your age (if you’re above 40), race, nationality, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or any other trait safeguarded by California law.

To make a case for discrimination, it’s necessary to demonstrate that your treatment differs from other employees due to your inclusion in a protected category. For instance, if a female employee earns less solely because of her gender, while her male colleagues earn more, this is clearly discrimination. However, if her lesser pay is due to her being the most recent addition to the team, her gender is not a factor and the wage difference is not discriminatory.

Discriminatory behavior is frequently associated with:

  • Hiring and firing
  • Promotion and demotion
  • Allocating raises and benefits
  • Assigning work and projects
  • Negotiating leaves of absence
  • Other aspects of the terms and conditions of employment

It’s essential to recognize that an employer doesn’t necessarily have to act out of conscious bias for discrimination to transpire. If ostensibly impartial rules disproportionately impact a specific protected category, this can serve as a basis for a discrimination claim. A discrimination attorney in Canoga Park CA can assist you in this matter.

Consult a Discrimination Attorney in Canoga Park CA: What Outcomes Can I Expect from a Discrimination Lawsuit?

If you have experienced discrimination in the workplace, legal action can provide relief in two main ways. First of all, if you have suffered an adverse job action such as wrongful termination, a pay cut, or being passed over for a raise, a court can order your employer to give you your job back, reinstate pay, or may be awarded other monetary damages.

Even so, many who’ve experienced discrimination might not wish to reenter a workspace that doesn’t value or respect them. If this sentiment resonates with you, pursuing a lawsuit against your employer still holds merit as you can be awarded financial damages. You can secure compensation for lost salary and emotional suffering, and if your employer’s actions were particularly harsh, punitive damages could also be a possibility.

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