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Safeguard Your Interests with a Skilled Discrimination Attorney in Fullerton CA

The founding fathers, over two centuries ago, enshrined the principle of equality in our nation’s Declaration of Independence. Although this vision was profound, the reality at the time was that only a limited number of men, and no women, enjoyed this supposed equality. However, through numerous lengthy civil rights campaigns, significant advancements were made, and now, American workers are protected by robust laws ensuring equality in the workplace, irrespective of race, nationality, sex, age, disability, or religion.

However, due to the piece-by-piece introduction of numerous civil rights laws, we are now left with a convoluted network of complex regulations and criteria concerning workplace discrimination. The complexity increases when considering California’s own set of broader anti-discrimination laws, which encompass additional employers and more protected characteristics.

The good news is, you do not have to understand all the details of the law yourself in order to exercise your right to equal treatment in the workplace. Instead, you can rely on an experienced discrimination attorney in Fullerton CA can help protect your rights. Contact PLBH at (800) 435-7542 for a free legal consultation.

Rely on a Discrimination Attorney in Fullerton CA with Expertise in Multiple Discrimination Cases

We’ll provide counsel on whether to navigate your complaint under the framework of federal or California law, and ensure you receive comprehensive support and direction throughout the process. We can help you with the following types of cases:

  • Sex and Gender Discrimination
  • Race Discrimination
  • Sexual Orientation, Identity, or Expression Discrimination
  • Age Discrimination
  • Disability Discrimination
  • Pregnancy Discrimination
  • Reverse Discrimination
  • Ethnic Discrimination
  • Religious Discrimination

Identifying a Valid Discrimination Complaint: Key Factors

In cases where you feel you’ve been unfairly treated at work, ask yourself: Is my employer subject to these laws? In California, businesses with at least five employees are subject to anti-discrimination laws. Reflect on whether you are being treated differently because of your age (if you’re over 40), race, nationality, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or any other attribute protected by California law.

To validate a discrimination claim, it’s imperative to provide evidence of disparate treatment as a result of your belonging to a protected class. For example, should a woman be receiving a lower wage than her male counterparts simply because she is female, it would constitute clear discrimination. Yet, if her lower salary is due to her junior position within the team, then her gender is not a factor, making the pay disparity non-discriminatory.

The factors contributing to discriminatory treatment often include:

  • Hiring and firing
  • Promotion and demotion
  • Allocating raises and benefits
  • Assigning work and projects
  • Negotiating leaves of absence
  • Other aspects of the terms and conditions of employment

It’s key to realize that intentional bias on your employer’s part is not a requirement for discrimination to happen. If policies, while appearing neutral, affect a particular protected group more significantly, this could form the foundation of a discrimination claim. In such cases, a discrimination attorney in Fullerton CA can provide valuable help.

Inquire with a Discrimination Attorney in Fullerton CA: What Can Be Accomplished Through a Discrimination Suit?

If you have experienced discrimination in the workplace, legal action can provide relief in two main ways. First of all, if you have suffered an adverse job action such as wrongful termination, a pay cut, or being passed over for a raise, a court can order your employer to give you your job back, reinstate pay, or may be awarded other monetary damages.

Yet, a considerable number of discrimination sufferers may not want to return to a workplace that doesn’t appreciate or respect them. If you identify with this feeling, initiating a lawsuit against your employer remains a beneficial strategy as you can still be granted monetary damages. Compensation for lost earnings and emotional turmoil can be received, and if your employer’s mistreatment was notably heinous, punitive damages could also be bestowed upon you.

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