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Safeguard Your Interests with a Skilled Discrimination Attorney in Lomita CA

The Declaration of Independence, crafted over 200 years ago by our founding fathers, embedded equality as a central pillar of our nation. Despite this noble intention, the reality of that era was that a limited group of men—and no women—actually experienced equal treatment. Over the course of history, through many strenuous civil rights struggles, improvements have been made, and presently, American workers enjoy substantial protections against discrimination in the workplace based on race, nationality, sex, age, disability, or religion.

Nonetheless, given the incremental way in which different civil rights laws were established, we’re currently faced with a perplexing labyrinth of intricate rules and standards pertaining to workplace discrimination. The situation is further complicated by California’s more comprehensive set of anti-discrimination laws, which apply to more employers and protect additional characteristics.

Positively, there’s no need for you to master every detail of the law to preserve your right to fair treatment at your place of work. Rather, you can turn to an adept discrimination attorney in Lomita CA to ensure the protection of your rights. Feel free to call PLBH at (800) 435-7542 for a gratis legal consultation.

Engage with a Discrimination Attorney in Lomita CA Proficient in Handling an Array of Discrimination Cases

We’ll provide counsel on whether to navigate your complaint under the framework of federal or California law, and ensure you receive comprehensive support and direction throughout the process. We can help you with the following types of cases:

  • Sex and Gender Discrimination
  • Race Discrimination
  • Sexual Orientation, Identity, or Expression Discrimination
  • Age Discrimination
  • Disability Discrimination
  • Pregnancy Discrimination
  • Reverse Discrimination
  • Ethnic Discrimination
  • Religious Discrimination

Signs of a Valid Discrimination Complaint: What to Look For

If you believe you’ve been a victim of workplace discrimination, it’s essential to ask: Does my employer fall under the scope of the law? In California, anti-discrimination laws are applicable to any company with five or more employees. Consider: Is my treatment at work impacted due to my age (if over 40), race, nationality, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or another characteristic protected under California law?

In asserting a discrimination claim, it’s crucial to establish that you have experienced differing treatment owing to your association with a protected group. For instance, if a woman’s lower pay is solely because of her gender, while her male peers are earning more, this is a clear case of discrimination. Conversely, if her salary is less because she holds the least senior position on the team, her gender becomes an irrelevant factor and the pay difference isn’t discriminatory.

Discriminatory practices often revolve around:

  • Hiring and firing
  • Promotion and demotion
  • Allocating raises and benefits
  • Assigning work and projects
  • Negotiating leaves of absence
  • Other aspects of the terms and conditions of employment

It’s key to realize that intentional bias on your employer’s part is not a requirement for discrimination to happen. If policies, while appearing neutral, affect a particular protected group more significantly, this could form the foundation of a discrimination claim. In such cases, a discrimination attorney in Lomita CA can provide valuable help.

Consult a Discrimination Attorney in Lomita CA: What Outcomes Can I Expect from a Discrimination Lawsuit?

If you’ve suffered from discrimination in your job, the course of legal action can proffer relief in two key ways. Initially, if you’ve encountered an adverse employment incident like unwarranted termination, salary cut, or being ignored for a pay hike, the court can demand your employer to reinstate your employment, restore your wage, or you could be bestowed other monetary damages.

Nonetheless, numerous discrimination victims may not be inclined to revisit a work environment that fails to acknowledge their worth or esteem. If you echo these feelings, filing a case against your employer is still advantageous as you can still obtain monetary damages. You can be reimbursed for lost wages and emotional stress, and if your employer’s actions were extraordinarily severe, you could be entitled to punitive damages.

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