Wrongful Termination Attorney in West Covina CA

For top-quality representation, turn to PLBH as your wrongful termination attorney in West Covina CA.

Have you recently lost your job? You may be feeling pretty shocked and perhaps even angry. But if you believe that you were fired in violation of California or federal employment law, the situation will be even more frustrating.

You don’t have to just sit by and suffer the aftermath of an illegal firing. You can and should seek help from an experienced wrongful termination attorney in West Covina CA. At Perona, Langer, Beck and Harrison, we are ready and willing to provide all the advice, guidance, and legal representation you need to correct the situation.

Now You May Wonder…

…What Constitutes Wrongful Termination?

State and federal law protects employees from termination based on:

  • Discrimination: Employment decisions cannot be made purely on the basis of the color of your skin, your gender, your sexual orientation, your religion, or any other protected characteristic. Wrongful termination actions can also be brought against employers whose seemingly neutral policies end up causing the severance of a disproportionate number of individuals in a protected group.
  • Retaliation: Employers cannot fire an individual based on their participation in certain legally protected activities like whistleblowing, reporting workplace safety violations, reporting sexual harassment, taking family or medical leave, taking time off for jury duty, or taking time off to vote.

Proving an employer’s motivation for a firing can be challenging, so the best way to figure out if you have a strong case for compensation is to consult an experienced wrongful termination attorney in West Covina CA for advice.

How a Wrongful Termination Attorney in West Covina CA Can Help

Your wrongful termination attorney in West Covina CA can help you gather the necessary evidence for pursuing legal action against your employer. Depending on the circumstances of your firing and your goals for the resolution of the matter, we can seek:

  • Reinstatement in your position at your prior salary and benefit level
  • Compensation for lost wages and benefits
  • Reimbursement of your legal fees
  • A monetary award designed to punish the company for their illegal actions

Whenever possible, we strive to bring wrongful termination cases to fast and favorable conclusions using mediation or arbitration. However, if a satisfactory agreement cannot be reached, we will certainly not be afraid to take your claim to court.

Why Choose PLBH

PLBH has what it takes to get results as your wrongful termination attorney in West Covina CA. We have an excellent track record of success in and out of court, earned over half a century of legal work. With ample resources at our disposal, we are more than equal to the challenge of securing fair outcomes to even the most complicated wrongful termination cases.

You Can Afford Quality Representation

Worried about finding room in your post-employment budget for a wrongful termination attorney in West Covina CA? Don’t be. Every potential client can receive a free initial consultation with no strings attached. If you have a strong case, we will represent you with no payment due unless we win your case. Take the first step today by calling us at (800) 435-7542.