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Protect Your Rights: Consult with a Respected Discrimination Attorney in Woodland Hills CA

More than 200 years in the past, our nation’s founding fathers declared equality as a foundational tenet in the Declaration of Independence. Yet, this principle wasn’t applied universally; only a minority of men and no women were given equal status during that period. Throughout the years, hard-fought civil rights movements have gradually improved the situation. Today, strong legal safeguards exist to protect American workers from discrimination based on race, nationality, sex, age, disability, or religion in their workplaces.

However, because various civil rights laws were enacted piecemeal, today we have a very confusing tangle of complex rules and standards regarding workplace discrimination. The fact that California also has its own set of broader anti-discrimination laws covering additional employers and additional protected characteristics only adds to the confusion.

Thankfully, it isn’t required for you to comprehend all the legal complexities to safeguard your right to equal treatment in your job. Instead, a seasoned discrimination attorney in Woodland Hills CA stands ready to uphold your rights. Contact PLBH at (800) 435-7542 for a free-of-charge legal consultation.

Partner with a Skilled Discrimination Attorney in Woodland Hills CA for a Diverse Range of Discrimination Cases

We will advise you as to whether your complaint should be handled under federal law or California law and provide representation and guidance every step of the way. Some of the types of cases we can help you with include:

  • Sex and Gender Discrimination
  • Race Discrimination
  • Sexual Orientation, Identity, or Expression Discrimination
  • Age Discrimination
  • Disability Discrimination
  • Pregnancy Discrimination
  • Reverse Discrimination
  • Ethnic Discrimination
  • Religious Discrimination

Identifying a Valid Discrimination Complaint: Key Factors

If you believe you’ve been a victim of workplace discrimination, it’s essential to ask: Does my employer fall under the scope of the law? In California, anti-discrimination laws are applicable to any company with five or more employees. Consider: Is my treatment at work impacted due to my age (if over 40), race, nationality, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or another characteristic protected under California law?

To lodge a discrimination claim, you need to prove that your treatment was unequal to that of other workers because of your affiliation with a protected category. For instance, if a woman’s pay is less than that of her male colleagues solely due to her gender, it’s a blatant case of discrimination. On the other hand, if she is paid less because she’s the most recent recruit on the team, her gender is not a factor and the pay discrepancy is not indicative of discrimination.

The roots of discriminatory conduct often lie in:

  • Hiring and firing
  • Promotion and demotion
  • Allocating raises and benefits
  • Assigning work and projects
  • Negotiating leaves of absence
  • Other aspects of the terms and conditions of employment

It’s important to grasp that the presence of deliberate prejudice isn’t a prerequisite for discrimination to occur. When neutral-appearing policies disproportionately affect a specific protected group, this could provide the foundation for a discrimination claim. In these instances, a discrimination attorney in Woodland Hills CA can provide you with the necessary guidance.

Consult a Discrimination Attorney in Woodland Hills CA: What Outcomes Can I Expect from a Discrimination Lawsuit?

If you’ve suffered from discrimination in your job, the course of legal action can proffer relief in two key ways. Initially, if you’ve encountered an adverse employment incident like unwarranted termination, salary cut, or being ignored for a pay hike, the court can demand your employer to reinstate your employment, restore your wage, or you could be bestowed other monetary damages.

Nevertheless, many victims of discrimination may not wish to go back to an environment where their worth and respect are not recognized. If you resonate with this sentiment, filing a lawsuit against your employer is still a valuable course of action as you can be awarded financial compensation. You can receive remuneration for lost wages and emotional distress, and if your employer’s misconduct was particularly outrageous, you might also be granted punitive damages.

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