The widespread use of social media among employees has led to increased instances of disciplinary action and even termination as a result of online posts. It seems like every week there’s a new story of someone losing their job due to something they said on the internet.

Read on to learn how you can reduce your chances of being fired for something you said on social media. If you have been fired and you believe the firing was unlawful, contact PLBH at (800) 435-7542 for a free legal consultation with a wrongful termination attorney.

Beware of Disclosing Confidential Information

Even seemingly innocent statements about your employment can be seen as divulging sensitive information in certain cases. Careless sharing of details, such as expressing joy or regret over a deal or contract, can unwittingly disclose information that your company intended to keep confidential. Before posting, consider the potential impact on your job and be cautious not to disclose anything that should remain strictly secret.

Avoid Offensive Comments

Posting or tweeting remarks that can be perceived as racist, sexist, prejudiced, or otherwise objectionable can put your employment at risk. While it may seem unfair, an employee’s online comments can negatively impact the company’s reputation and raise concerns about their ability to interact appropriately with coworkers, customers, or clients. Take a moment to consider the potential consequences before making any remarks, and refrain from posting anything hurtful or discriminatory.

Think Twice Before Complaining About Your Job

While venting frustrations about your job is understandable, airing your dissatisfaction online can have significant ramifications. Complaints or rants about your employer on social media may lead to negative consequences, including potential disciplinary action or even termination. It’s important to consider alternative ways to address job-related concerns rather than resorting to public complaints on social media platforms.

Social Media Usage at Work

Engaging in excessive social media usage during work hours can land you in trouble with your employer. While most companies tolerate brief check-ins, spending a significant amount of time on social media instead of focusing on your job responsibilities can result in repercussions. It’s important to prioritize your work tasks and use social media platforms responsibly during designated breaks or outside of work hours.

If you have faced penalties or termination due to your social media activity, seeking assistance from an experienced employment law attorney is crucial. Contact PLBH at (800) 435-7542 to schedule a consultation and receive expert guidance on your case.