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How to Prove You Were the Victim of Sexual Harassment Even Without Witnesses

Sexual harassment is a widespread issue at work. Nearly 30% of all complaints made to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) in the most recent year for which data is available involved sexual discrimination, including sexual harassment. You have every right to look for justice and compensation if you were the victim of sexual harassment at work. You can have a case against the harasser even if no one saw the incident of harassment.

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Record everything

Without any witnesses, employees can and do prevail in sexual harassment claims in California. A case may be strengthened by having a witness dispute what the victim claims occurred, but ultimately, success depends on the victim taking the right actions and making a convincing argument. Take all the necessary steps and keep a journal of your journey to increase your trustworthiness. The day you encounter anything, such as sexual harassment or workplace discrimination, should be the first day of documentation.

Keep a journal about your encounters with sexual harassment. Describe the events in as much detail as possible. Include the people who were present, your location at the time, what was said or done, and who was in the room. Document your other legal actions as well, such as visiting the human resources division of your employer. From the beginning of your sexual harassment claim, keep a record of everything that occurs.

Take the right steps

The EEOC offers materials, including a step-by-step manual on what to do following sexual harassment, to assist victims who have experienced it at work. Follow these instructions as closely as you can. If you deviate from the accepted practices, your case’s credibility may suffer.

Confront the harasser

In some cases, sexual harassment can be resolved by having a straight discussion with the offender. It’s possible that the individual who was bothering you was unaware of what they were doing. Take the next course of action if you don’t feel comfortable approaching the harasser directly or if they continue harassing you after the confrontation.

Learn about the harassment policy at your workplace

The majority of businesses have sexual harassment policies in place. You can access it through your HR department or in your employee handbook. If there are any instructions in the manual, follow them. They can involve speaking with a supervisor or submitting a complaint to HR. Remember that the law protects you from being fired for reporting sexual harassment at work.

Make a complaint to the EEOC

Take your claim to the next level if your employer does not settle the sexual harassment issue. Submit a formal sexual harassment complaint to the EEOC. For this kind of claim, you have a deadline, so move swiftly.

By following these instructions, you can demonstrate to a judge that you took all necessary action to stop sexual harassment. It demonstrates that you acted independently as soon as the issue happened and that your employer did not take anything to make things right. It establishes you as a reliable witness even if there is no other evidence to support your account.

Speak with an attorney

Even without witnesses, getting outside aid with your sexual harassment claim can help you succeed. When no one steps forward to testify on your side, your best course of action may be to retain a sexual harassment attorney to represent your interests. You can gather more information to support your claim against the harasser and/or your employer with the aid of a local employment attorney.

Your lawyer can handle the difficult paperwork and claim negotiations while you go to treatment or otherwise concentrate on your own health. A competent attorney will increase your chances of winning a sexual harassment action, even without any witnesses. Contact PLBH at (800) 435-7542 now for help.