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Learn How an Attorney Can Help with the Social Security Appeal Process in California

Has your original Social Security Disability benefit claim been rejected? Never give up. There are still several actions we can assist you complete in an effort to obtain a favorable judgment.

Most of the time, all you actually need to do is have an experienced lawyer like PLBH check your application. Before submitting the application for reconsideration, we will check to make sure it is accurate and comprehensive.

We can ask for a disability hearing, which gives us the chance to submit evidence in front of an Administrative Law Judge, if your application is still rejected. We can take your claim to the Appeals Council if it is rejected at this point.

Key steps in an appeal for social security disability

You may count on the seasoned experts at PLBH to offer knowledgeable counsel during every stage of an SSD appeal. We will do all in our ability to enable a prompt and positive conclusion to your case.

First, a formal request for an appeals council review is made. Beware—despite the fact that the Social Security Administration has a particular form for this purpose, it does not actually offer enough room for a successful request. To highlight any errors the Administrative Law Judge could have made and to argue why their judgment should be reconsidered, we will prepare a separate legal brief.

The Appeals Council will determine your matter itself or set up a fresh hearing before an Administrative Law Judge if it grants the request for a review

We still have one more option if your appeal is rejected, and that is to file a civil lawsuit in a Federal District Court. Although this kind of appeal is extremely uncommon, PLBH can handle it on your behalf. Because we are a part of a network of law offices that collaborate to take on the most challenging, complex cases, you can be confident that your appeal will receive the attention it needs.

Want assistance with an appeal?

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