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Pregnancy Discrimination

Fight back against pregnancy discrimination with help from Perona, Langer, Beck and Harrison.

Balancing work and family is difficult enough for any new mom, but it certainly doesn’t help when your employer is discriminating against you based on your pregnancy. The good news is, you can put a stop to discrimination and even secure monetary compensation by enlisting the help of the experienced pregnancy discrimination attorneys at PLBH.

Know Your Rights

A variety of state and federal protections apply to pregnant women and make it illegal for an employer to:

  • Ask questions about your pregnancy or intent to become pregnant during a job interview
  • Discriminate against you in hiring, firing, promotions, training, scheduling, etc. due to pregnancy
  • Force you to accept reduced hours or responsibilities due to pregnancy
  • Refuse to make reasonable accommodations such as longer rest breaks or a temporary modification of job duties
  • Deny you any maternity leave or pregnancy disability leave you may be entitled to
  • Retaliate against you for requesting or taking leave

If you have questions about any of these scenarios, come to Perona, Langer, Beck and Harrison. Our pregnancy discrimination attorneys are familiar with all aspects of employment law affecting pregnancy and they can help you understand your rights.

What Can You Achieve with a Pregnancy Discrimination Complaint?

There are three main reasons to pursue a pregnancy discrimination claim:

  1. You want your job/hours/promotion back. If you have been laid off, had your hours cut, or missed out on a deserved promotion due to pregnancy discrimination, a formal complaint can help correct the situation. Often, employers will agree to undo a discriminatory action in arbitration or meditation but a court order can also be sought.
  2. You want compensation. Discrimination causes damage, and you deserve compensation. This compensation can cover lost wages, emotional stress, and legal fees.
  3. You want your employer to do better. If no one stands up against a discriminatory practice, employers will just keep doing it. By filing a complaint and/or pursuing a pregnancy discrimination lawsuit, you are taking a stand that will benefit all women and families.

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