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Sexual Orientation Discrimination

Perona, Langer, Beck and Harrison can help you get justice and compensation after sexual orientation discrimination.

Although federal law does not currently provide any protection against sexual orientation discrimination in the workplace, California law does. Like most anti-discrimination laws, California’s sexual orientation discrimination laws were inspired by the need to protect marginalized individuals—in this case lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals. However, the law also applies to individuals who are discriminated against because they are not in this group.

Examples of Sexual Orientation Discrimination

Sexual orientation discrimination can take a variety of forms. The most common type of discrimination involves disparate treatment, or the singling out of individuals for different treatment than their peers based on their real or perceived sexual orientation. Examples may include:

  • Selecting a less qualified heterosexual job applicant over a more qualified lesbian applicant
  • Denying raises, promotions, benefits, or training to an individual with a different sexual orientation
  • Issuing poor performance reviews based on an employee’s sexual orientation

Sexual orientation discrimination can also occur when employers are using seemingly neutral policies. If a policy has a disparate impact on a particular group, it may be discriminatory. For example, if a recent round of layoffs included a disproportionate number of LBGTQ individuals, the possibility of discrimination is worth investigating.

What to Do If You Are a Victim of Discrimination

If you suspect you have been treated unfairly due to your real or perceived sexual orientation, you need to take action. PLBH can help. We offer confidential consultations to help victims of sexual orientation discrimination understand their rights and options.

If you have been fired or laid off, we can help you fight to get your job back. If you have been denied a promotion, raise, or training, we can ask a court to order your employer to provide these advantages. We can also seek monetary damages to compensate you for the discrimination you experienced at work.

Worried About Retaliation?

Sometimes people are afraid to speak up because they think they will be treated even more unfairly at work if they make a sexual orientation discrimination complaint. But remember: it is illegal for your employer to retaliate against you for making a complaint. If you are subject to retaliation, PLBH can help you take appropriate legal action.

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