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Can I Work and Collect SSD?

Yes! You can work while applying for benefits and on a trial basis while receiving benefits.

While many individuals who need Social Security Disability benefits are unable to work at all, others are capable of part time work. You may find that you actually want to work in order to earn additional income, keep up some of your job skills, and enjoy the social interactions and camaraderie of the workplace.

Fortunately for you, the Social Security Administration does allow individuals to work (subject to restrictions of course) while pursuing a disability claim as well as while receiving benefits.

Working While You Have a Pending SSD Claim

In order to make a claim for Social Security Disability, you have to show that your disability is preventing you from working enough to earn a “substantial and gainful amount of income.” For 2016, this figure (known as the SGA) is set at $1,130.00 in gross monthly earned income.

If you earn more than the SGA, your SSD claim will automatically be rejected. But you can certainly work part time and earn less than this amount without compromising your claim.

Working While Collecting SSD

If you are currently collecting SSD, you can work part time as long as you keep your earnings below the SGA.

You can also take advantage of a program that allows you to go back to work on a trial basis, with no income restrictions and no impact on your SSD benefits. This program is designed to give you the flexibility to explore many different job options and/or make multiple attempts at going back to work after a period of disability. You are allowed to earn more than the SGA for up to 9 non-consecutive months in a rolling 36-month period before your benefits will be affected.

Need Help with a Disability Case?

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