Qualifying for SSD & Medicare

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Too many individuals don’t even attempt applying for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits because the process is so complex and overwhelming. Many cannot even determine if they are eligible for benefits. With Perona, Langer, Beck and Harrison Law Firm on your side, you don’t have to go through the process alone. Our seasoned team of Social Security Disability lawyers in Southern California is here to guide you through the process. We understand the importance of these benefits and are committed to helping you obtain the financial support you are entitled to. Wondering if you qualify for Social Security Disability benefits? Contact our disability lawyers in Southern California today to learn more!

Social Security Disability Eligibility Requirements

Social Security Disability Insurance is an entitlement program. This means that benefits are available to any American who has worked enough and paid enough into the Social Security system. There are some additional requirements that need to be satisfied to qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits, including that you must:

  • Must be between the age of 18 and 65.
  • Have paid into the Social Security system through income tax deductions and earned enough work credits based on your age at the time of disability.
  • Have a medical condition that prevents you from engaging in substantial gainful activity for at least one year or results in death.

If you can work, you will not qualify for SSDI benefits as this program only protects workers who are unable to work. Our experienced disability lawyers can assess your unique situation and determine your eligibility for benefits. 

How Does Social Security Decide if Someone is Disabled?

The SSA employs a five-step evaluation process to determine disability. The questions they consider during this process include:

  • Are you currently working at levels of “substantial gainful activity”? If yes, your claim is typically denied at this stage.
  • Do you have a medically determinable impairment or combination of impairments that affects your ability to perform basic work-related activities? This step assesses the severity of your condition.
  • Do you meet or equal a listing? Social Security has specific listings for various impairments. If you meet all the criteria for a listing, your disability claim may be approved at this stage. If not, you proceed to the next steps.
  • Can you perform your past relevant work? Your “residual functional capacity” is evaluated here, determining your physical and mental capabilities for an 8-hour workday, 5 days a week. If your “residual functional capacity” would allow you to perform your past work either as it is generally performed in the national economy or as you performed it, your claim will be denied.
  • Can you perform any other work existing in significant numbers in the national economy? If you cannot perform your past relevant work, the final step considers your residual functional capacity, age, education, and transferable skills to assess if there are still a significant number of jobs in the national economy that you can perform. If there are still a significant number of jobs you can perform, your claim will be denied. If not, you will be found disabled under Social Security’s rules.

There are many nuances to this process and many claims filed without the assistance of a disability lawyer initially get denied. Perona, Langer, Beck and Harrison Law Firm can help you compile a strong application to obtain benefits.

Possible Scenarios That May Make You Eligible for Social Security Disability

Are you still wondering if you are eligible for Social Security Disability benefits? Here are some scenarios where you might qualify:

  • You are injured in an accident.
  • You are disabled due to illness, injury, or emotional trauma.
  • You became disabled after the death of your spouse.
  • You were disabled at the time your spouse passed away.
  • You became disabled after military service.
  • You became disabled before age 22.
  • You have a physical or mental disability expected to last a year or result in death.
  • You are related to a deceased worker and qualify to receive Social Security Disability benefits under their account.

While these are all instances where benefits have been granted, you still need to convince the Social Security Administration that you qualify. That is where an experienced disability lawyer in Southern California is invaluable.

An Experienced Social Security Disability Lawyer Can Help You Obtain Timely Benefits

Qualifying for Social Security Disability benefits is a complex process. Even extremely minor errors or delays can affect your claim and result in a denial of your claim and the benefits that you are entitled to. With the guidance of our skilled Social Security Disability lawyers in Southern California, you can increase your chances of a successful application, appeals, or obtaining retroactive benefits.

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