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Qualifying for SSD

Find out if you are eligible for Social Security Disability Benefits by calling Perona, Langer, Beck and Harrison.

Too many men and women don’t even try to apply for SSD benefits and end up missing out on benefits that could make their lives much easier in times of hardship.

Maybe you’ve already tried to read up on Social Security Disability eligibility requirements and gotten frustrated and confused, or maybe you’ve just assumed you don’t qualify based on what friends or coworkers have told you.

It’s worth checking again.

This time, let the SSD eligibility at PLBH review your case and provide an honest, reliable, and accurate assessment of your chances of securing monthly SSD benefits.

Possible Scenarios that Could Make You Eligible for Social Security Disability

You may be eligible for Social Security Disability if:

  • You are injured in an accident (including a car accident or workplace accident)
  • You are disabled due to illness, injury, or emotional trauma
  • You became disabled after the death of your spouse
  • You became disabled after military service
  • You became disabled before age 22
  • You have a physical or mental disability expected to last a year or result in death
  • You are related to a disabled worker and qualify to receive SSD benefits under their account

Even if your experience seems to fit one of these examples, you still face the challenge of actually convincing the Social Security Administration to approve your benefits. If you want the payments you deserve to be approved and awarded on time, it is absolutely essential to have an experienced SSD attorney like PLBH on your side.

Trust PLBH to Look Out for Your Interests

At Perona, Langer, Beck and Harrison, our disability attorneys have handled countless SSD applications for past clients. We understand the law in detail and you can trust us to provide an accurate and reliable assessment of your Social Security Disability eligibility. Assuming you qualify for the program we will fight hard for you to receive your benefits as quickly as possible.

To check your eligibility or to learn more about Social Security Disability, please contact us at (800) 435-7542 now.