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When an injury at work occurs, you’re usually in line to receive workers’ compensation benefits. However, the duration for these cases can differ, and if you’re acquainted with workers’ comp tales, you may be curious about the time it’ll take before you reap the benefits of your claim, facilitating your healing process and return to the workplace.

The truth is, there’s no straightforward answer since each situation has its own set of circumstances. The decision of your employer to challenge the claim and the intensity of their challenge can further influence the timeframe. Let’s delve into what might transpire during your claim journey and clarify frequent queries. If you have questions or require a legal consultation, contact PLBH at (800) 435-7542.

The Ideal Situation

If things go smoothly, after sustaining an injury, you’d immediately file a workers’ comp claim with your employer, which they promptly approve. In such circumstances, you’d quickly start getting benefits, which encompasses covering medical expenses and compensating for lost earnings.

In this optimal situation, the benefits continue till you attain a stage termed “maximum medical recovery,” indicating any immediate or near-future significant improvement in your health is improbable without further significant treatment. Once this stage is hit, your provisional disability benefits wrap up, and a medical expert re-evaluates you. This assessment determines if you can resume your previous role without hitches or if you qualify for some sort of perpetual disability.

Total permanent disability indicates that a grave injury has rendered you completely unfit for work. On the contrary, partial permanent disability suggests a partial incapacity, allowing a return to work, albeit potentially in a different role.

Contesting Workers’ Comp Claims

The heftier the financial burden your injury places on your employer and their insurance provider, the higher the chances of them contesting the claim at some point. This might manifest right from the start, with a rejection of your initial claim. If such a situation arises, you’re entitled to contest and provide evidence that the injury was sustained while executing work responsibilities. Unfortunately, such challenges can prolong the process by several weeks.

Both parties involved have the liberty to contest any decisions made during the process, including those from the Workers’ Compensation Board or even to seek secondary medical opinions.

Given the intricate nature and potential duration of these claims, seeking the expertise of a workers’ compensation attorney from PLBH early on is a wise move. Such professionals can advocate for your entitlements, ensuring you secure the compensation vital for you and your family’s well-being, as opposed to the minimal amount your employer’s insurer might push for their profit margins.

Accelerating the Benefits Process


The most efficient way to hasten your claims procedure is an immediate injury report to your employer. A delay in reporting, despite being within legal bounds, might lead your employer to question the origin of the injury. After all, a delay can create doubts about the legitimacy of the injury’s association with workplace activities.

Moreover, thorough documentation is essential. Ensure you procure copies of every relevant document linked to your case. This encompasses your initial injury report, any testimonials on the injury’s circumstances, and any medical records or notes pertaining to doctor consultations or treatments.

If your chosen medical professional is versed in workers’ compensation cases, they’ll likely furnish you with the requisite documents upon request. Maintaining this documentation can facilitate adherence to all vital protocols. If any complications arise, don’t hesitate to contact PLBH at (800) 435-7542 for assistance.