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Repetitive Motion Injuries

Are you suffering from a repetitive motion injury? Our work injury attorneys will help you prove your need for full and fair compensation.

The vast majority of jobs involve doing virtually the same activities day in and day out. Unfortunately, in some cases this results in workers developing repetitive stress disorders or repetitive motion injuries.

For example, if you work at a computer or on an assembly line you might develop carpal tunnel syndrome or bursitis or tendonitis in your wrists. If your job involves lifting you might end up with repetitive motion injuries to your hands, shoulders, back, hips, knees, and/or feet.

The good news is, most employers must carry workers compensation insurance to help you cover medical bills and make up for lost income following repetitive motion injuries. The bad news is, actually getting your workers compensation benefits can be very difficult.

You Absolutely Need a Work Injury Attorney to Prove Repetitive Motion Injuries

In theory, getting workers compensation sounds simple: just fill out a form you can get compensation. But the reality is much more complex. Workers compensation insurance companies do not just rubber stamp claims and start awarding benefits. Instead, they will fight tooth and nail to find any reason to deny your claim or reduce your benefits.

This is especially likely to happen in repetitive motion injury cases, because these types of injuries can be challenging to document. Often, workers experience significant pain, numbness, swelling, redness, stiffness, tingling, and loss of muscle strength, along with permanent soft tissue damage, without there being any visible sign of the injury. Insurers may allege that the injury is not really severe enough to deserve compensation, or they may question whether it was caused by work activities at all.

Fortunately, Perona, Langer, Beck and Harrison has decades of experience in repetitive motion injury cases. We know all the tactics the insurance company will try to use against you, and we know how to fight back effectively against these tactics. We will make sure you see a doctor who is highly experienced in repetitive motion injuries and whose opinion will help to create clear and compelling evidence that you are injured and need compensation.

Perona, Langer, Beck and Harrison Gets Results

At Perona, Langer, Beck and Harrison, we sincerely care about your well-being and your future. We will fight aggressively for your rights and interests, and we will not give up if your first claim is denied. Instead you can count on us to make an effective appeal. We have won over $100 million in compensation for our clients in the past 15 years alone, so you know you can trust us to get results in your case too.

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If you would like to learn more about your options for securing compensation for repetitive motion injuries, please call us at (866) 348-7166. The initial consultation is always free, and we accept most cases on a contingency fee basis so that you do not have to pay any legal fees until we win your case.

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