Being injured while at work is distressing. To add to the distress, navigating the intricacies of workers’ compensation can be daunting, particularly when trying to understand how long you’re entitled to these benefits. Here, we shed light on the various scenarios that might determine the duration of your workers’ compensation benefits.

Factors Affecting Your Workers’ Compensation Duration

Several situations can dictate the duration of the benefits you receive, and understanding these can be crucial for your peace of mind and financial planning.

Your Actions or Third-Party Decisions

Your benefits can conclude based on choices you make or those imposed by other entities. An instance of this is the ‘Compromise and Release’ settlement. Should you decide to enter into this agreement, you might be replacing your ongoing benefits with a one-time lump sum or structured payments. Nonetheless, some of these settlements might leave the door open for future medical care related to your injury.

Medical and Insurance Evaluations

The recommendations or decisions of medical professionals and insurance companies can also influence your benefits. For instance:

  • If a medical practitioner determines that you’re no longer completely and temporarily incapacitated, your benefits can be halted.
  • Similarly, the conclusion that you have zero long-term disability can result in the termination of permanent disability benefits.
  • Insurance providers might also suspend your benefits citing various reasons like the absence of necessary documentation or claims that the medical professional overseeing your treatment hasn’t provided the required paperwork.

Decisions by Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board

Your benefits’ continuation can also be impacted by the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board. This board might suspend benefits for reasons like missing an assessment or as an outcome of a legal resolution termed ‘Findings and Award’.

Limitations Imposed by Labor Code

Certain legislations can put a cap on the duration of your benefits. For instance, injuries sustained post-April 19, 2004, have their total temporary disability benefits restricted to either 104 or 240 weeks, based on specific conditions. After hitting these caps, the benefits cease.

Seek Expert Guidance for Clarity

With so many nuances and potential scenarios, understanding workers’ compensation can be challenging. If you’re apprehensive about the time allocated for your recovery or need clarity on your benefits, it’s crucial to get expert advice.

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