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Have you been the victim of workplace harassment? Our employment law attorneys can help.

If you have been the victim of illegal harassment at work, it’s normal to feel both angry and ashamed. On the one hand, you want justice, but on the other hand, you would prefer never to talk or even think about the abuse you have suffered again. At Perona, Langer, Beck and Harrison, our harassment attorneys understand how you feel.

We will provide a strictly confidential environment for you to discuss your case. Then, we will explain your legal rights and options to you. Assuming you have strong grounds for legal action, we will stand beside you every step of the way, fighting aggressively for the most beneficial outcome possible to your case.

Three Common Types of Workplace Harassment

At PLBH, we have an extensive track record successfully representing victims of all kinds of workplace harassment, including:

Sexual Harassment: While the stereotypical sexual harassment case involves a woman victimized by a man, this is not the only type of case we handle. We can also help men who experienced unwanted sexual advances, coercion for sexual favors, or inappropriate comments, behavior, or touching from a woman. Sexual harassment can also occur between workers of the same sex.

Religious Harassment: In America, everyone has the freedom to practice their own religion and the right not to be harassed for it. If a supervisor or coworker is making offensive remarks about your religious beliefs, practices, garb, or grooming practices, this may constitute religious harassment.

Racial Harassment: Sadly, racism continues to be a problem in America today. If you have been subjected to harassment based on your race or skin color, you can and should stand up for your rights by contacting the experienced workplace harassment attorneys at PLBH.

Of course, these are not the only types of workplace harassment you may experience. PLBH also takes cases involving harassment on the basis of age (if you are over 40), gender, identity and expression, marital status, sexual orientation, disability, and other protected characteristics.

With any type of workplace harassment, it is important to remember that unless it is very severe, an isolated remark or incident typically does not rise to the level of harassment. Instead, there needs to be a pattern of offensive speech or conduct that creates a hostile work environment.

What You Can Do About Workplace Harassment

If you have experienced harassment at work due to your age, race, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, etc., you need to take the following steps:

  1. Report the harassment to management. It is very important to report harassment to your supervisor or HR department. It is important for employees to keep a copy of all submitted complaints in writing via fax, email, or certified letters. In some situations, employers are not actually liable for harassment unless you have reported it. Consult your employee handbook for the procedures to follow at your company.
  2. Keep detailed records. Every time you experience harassment, make a note of the incident including the specific words or actions that were used, who was present, and when you made your report to management. This will help ensure you have all the important evidence at your fingertips if it comes time to file a lawsuit.
  3. Contact an attorney. PLBH is here to discuss your case with you for free and under the strictest confidence. We can advise you of your rights and your potential for recovering monetary compensation for your suffering. We take many harassment cases on a contingency fee basis so that you do not have to pay any legal fees until we win your case.

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